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2023 Overseas exhibitions

2023 Overseas exhibitions, we successfully displayed our products at IT week in 
Japan,Technology Week in Russia, Hong Kong Spring Fair, Nanchang Education
Fair,Vietnam Electronics Fair, Indonesia Electronics Fair, and Hong Kong Autumn
Fair, etc.Our products on display included Tablet PCs, Mini-PCs,  Desktop PCs, 
and Wireless Microphones. and won great interest from many overseas customers.

2023.4.5-4.7 Japan IT week

2023.4.11-4.14 Technology Week in Russia

2023.4.18-4.21 Spring exhibition in Hong Kong

2023.4.21-4.23 Nanchang education exhibition

2023.7.19-7.21 Electronic exhibition IEAE Vietnam

2023.8.24-8.26 Electronic exhibition IEAE Indonesia

2023.10.18-10.21 Hong Kong Autumn Exhibition

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